Pressure Cooker Taco Soup

Dinner in less than 15 minutes? Yup! 

4 c chickeb broth
2 c salsa
1 c frozen corn
1 red onion, chopped
2 bell peppers, chopped
1 can drained black beans
1/2 c cilantro, chopped
1 lb ground beef

shredded cheese
jalapeno slices
slices greeen onions

Combine all ingredients except toppings in pressure cooker and stir. Close and cook 5 min at high pressure (9-11 psi).

Quick release and stir well.

Serve topped with cheese, jalapeños and onions.

Serves 6.


Pasta with Kale

Pasta perfect for meatless Monday.

1½ pounds baby kale
6 garlic cloves, minced
¼ c olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper
12 ounces spaghetti or bucatini
Parmesan cheese, grated
Red pepper flakes

Cook pasta according to package.

Heat oil over medium heat, add garlic, rep pepper flakes, black pepper and kale and sauté until kale is tender. Toss with cooked pasta and a little pasta water.

Serve topped with cheese.

Serves 4.