Hand Held Blender and Silicon Muffin Pan

Handheld blender and heart shapped cupcake panHand Held Multi-Tasker
I love this tool – so many uses, so easy to clean. It comes with a mini processor, whisk and immersion blender.  I use it almost everyday.

Today I used it to whip up baby puree, salad dressing and cupcakes (the wet ingredients).

I love that it has 9 speeds of sheer cooking power, but I have to be careful because with all that power sometimes a mess follows.

Silicon Heart Shaped Muffin Pan
What is better than silicon muffin tins? You don’t need those pesky muffin papers, super easy clean up and how cute are the hearts?  I picked this one up super cheap at Target. Now I need to find a couple more fun shapes to add to the collection.

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